These Sandals Are a Nightmare If You Don't Like Laces

Keen long ago laid claim to the "is it a shoe or is it a sandal?" footwear category. But this summer the company is releasing a rather unique pair of shoes that seem impossible to categorize. Possibly taking their inspiration from all the woven knit athletic shoes hitting the market, Keen's Uneeks are nothing but soles held to your feet using a pair of interwoven cords.


So unlike the knit offerings from companies like Nike and Adidas, the Uneek's are definitely not designed for kicking a ball around. If you had to classify them, they're definitely sandals. But with a thick, sturdy, polyurethane sole, they can actually be used for hiking and more rigorous activities than just soaking up the sun on the beach.

As a water-friendly shoe they'll certainly excel, just remember that there's no stopping sand and gravel from finding their way in through the woven cords. Available today for $100 in various color combinations, those who've stuck with slip-on shoes their entire lives will certainly be happy to hear you don't actually need to know how to tie a set of shoelaces to put these on. [Keen via GearJunkie]

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