There's nothing worse than an echo-y room. It feels empty and sounds like you're inside a tin can. Thankfully, you can fix all that with these customizable, multi-colored tiles just released by the Madrid-based Stone Designs.

Descriptively named Ginkgo—since they resemble the tree's leaves—these felt tiles serve a couple of different purposes. The hot-pressed polyester tiles are primarily designed to cut down on sound. That means you can solve your echo woes or do your neighbors a favor by making your bedroom (or living room or whatever) a little more soundproof.

The scale-shaped tiles also look terrific. One blogger compared the green ones to dragon skin, and the texture that name suggests is spot on. And since they attach to the wall with velcro, you can move them around and create new designs whenever you want. If you're hungry for even more customization, you might check out these acoustic tiles from Baux.

Unfortunately, the Ginkgo tiles aren't readily available in the United States. They are, however, distributed around the world by Blå Station, a Swedish company, so you could special order a few. But if you're a dragon fanatic, you might as well order a wall's worth! [CNET]