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If you're going to be far away from your loved one this Valentine's Day, you could send them real flowers, which will smell good but will inevitably wilt after a few days, or you could send them these beautiful newsprint flowers from itunube, which won't smell like anything in particular but will last forever—well, only as long as the Earth lasts, I suppose—and, better yet, will remind your loved one that you're a little bit different from the average guy, that you think outside of the box, or have a decent sense of design or appreciation for quirk, or at least that you read Gizmodo, though come to think of it sending her these beautiful newsprint flowers might set the bar a little too high for future romantic holidays, perhaps creating the expectation that every single time going forward you'll come up with something that will serve as a nod to tradition while unmistakably offering a fresh take on it. But they're like $12 if you're OK with all that pressure. [itunbe via It's Nice That]


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