Think You Got What It Takes To Work For Stephen Hawking?

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Sometimes who you work with can be just as important as the job itself. And if physics is your passion the opportunity of a lifetime has just popped up, as Stephen Hawking is now looking for a new assistant.

While the position looks like it comes with a handful of gopher duties—like maintaining his website, preparing lecture graphics, dealing with the press, and even maintaining his wheelchairs and accessible van—the chosen candidate will also be directly responsible for giving Professor Hawking his voice.


Or, more specifically, maintaining the "black box" systems that are responsible for providing Hawking with his means of speaking and communication. Apparently they're completely lacking any manuals or technical documentation, and because calling up tech support for help isn't an option, some familiarity with electronics is important.

If you're interested, don't mind a little travel, are happy with the $39,000 salary, and hope to one day unravel the secrets of the universe, you can officially apply here. [Stephen Hawking via Space]


Photo: Associated Press/Lawrence Jackson