ThinkOutside Stowaway Sierra Keyboard For Smartphones, Everything Else

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The ThinkOutside Stowaway Sierra keyboard is a fine one that works especially well with the myriad smartphones out there, including Windows Mobile and Palm-based ones. (Pitty about the long name, though.) Mac fans, and we know that there's a lot of you out there judging by all the friendly e-mail we received following Apple's event on Tuesday, will be delighted to know that the keyboard works just fine with the mighty Mac OS X. In essence, it's a keyboard that works with nearly all, um, keyboard-capable gadgets.

There's a stand built into the keyboard for placing your smartphone and, thanks to the Bluetooth support, you can easily navigate your portable device's needlessly complicated GUI. Mobility Today has a full video review if you're into watching cool Bluetooth setup screens and the like.

It retails for $130 direct from the manufacturer.

Product Page [ThinkOutside via Mobility Today]