ThirdWave 8030 MP3 Player, Not Garbage Can

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Here's another wacky MP3 player from Japan, the ThirdWave 8030. Apparently only compatible with MP3 files (since this is 1999 and all), the first thing you'll notice is its shape: it looks like Oscar the Grouch should be living inside it. Rest assured, however, that its shape has no ill effects on the quality of sound coming from the little guy. There's two, 2-channel speakers, each with a 3-watt power rating, and a 6-watt subwoofer. Crazy big sound? No, but then again, it's a garbage can for Pete's sake.

The 8030 accepts many of the different memory card formats floating around the market and a line-in jack lets you plug in an external audio source. And good news for all the doped-out kids out there in radio land: Third Wave has included the ever-popular shuffle mode for when playing music off a memory card. 'Cause kids are so random.


The 8030 measures about 4x7-inches and can be found in Japan for around $45.

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