Thirsty Genius Upgrades His Car's Windshield Wipers to Squirt Juice Into His Mouth

A new hero of the automotive industry has arisen from Elon Musk’s ashes. But Daniel Tillotson’s contributions to the car don’t have anything to do with transitioning away from fossil fuels. Instead, he focused his genius on the problem of safely enjoying a beverage behind the wheel, developing an innovation that any driver would appreciate on a hot day.


Tillotson modified the mechanism that sprays wiper fluid onto his Subaru’s windshield to instead blast delicious kombucha directly into his mouth while he’s driving—or at least in the general vicinity of his mouth (there’s still some room left for improvement). Using a suction cup mount, the washer fluid’s spray nozzle was relocated to the inside of the car’s windshield, but that wasn’t the most time-consuming part of the hack.

So that it doesn’t freeze solid in sub-zero winter temperatures, windshield wiper fluid contains anywhere from 30 to 50 percent methanol: a highly poisonous alcohol that can cause everything from kidney failure, to blindness, to even death, if consumed. Tillotson repeatedly flushed the wiper fluid tank in his Subaru with clean water to ensure it was as clean as possible before filling it with potable liquids, but this hack probably isn’t something you’d want to try with your own vehicle unless you replaced the wiper fluid tank altogether with a clean one.

[YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]


10 years from now: Dummy gets cancer from drinking juice from not food grade plastic moron device.