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This 30-Second Lost Boys Animation Is Just the Greatest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In a movie that’s oh-so-totally ’80s, no moment in The Lost Boys is more ’80s than the boardwalk saxophone performance.

You know the one. It’s when the greased-up buff dude who looks like Triple H from WWE (long before anyone knew who that was) wails on his sax at a boardwalk concert in vampire-plagued Santa Carla, CA. The gathered crowd, which includes nearly all of the film’s stars, rocks out hard to this majestic musical display. If you don’t know the scene, well, you may not appreciate this perfection created by artist Truck Torrence, aka 100% Soft (who creates basically every movie emoji you see on Twitter these days) as much—but it’s still hilarious and wonderful.


So why today? Why THIS? “October is just a great excuse to draw all my favorite horror movies, so every year I try and do something that scratches that itch,” Torrence told io9 via email. “I eventually always go back to The Lost Boys because it’s one of my all time favorites and I basically just want someone to hire me to make a full length animated version of the movie.”


We’re so in for that.

If you are still scratching your head at all of this, here’s the scene from the actual movie.

Tim Cappello is the actor in the scene and he’s performing “I Still Believe,” which was originally by a band called The Call. And, if we’re being honest, they’re both still bangers. That goes for most of the songs in The Lost Boys, really, which is one of many reasons why that movie still holds up so damn well.