As new models are announced every week, 3D printers are slowly but steadily becoming as common as iPhone cases. But thankfully there are a few standouts that boast features other than a cheaper price tag, like the Zeus from AIO Robotics that's set to premiere on Kickstarter in just a few weeks. It's a 3D printer that doubles as a 3D scanner, allowing you to print, copy, and thanks to a built-in network connection, even fax 3D objects to another machine.

If it succeeds in reaching its funding goal when it launches on September 4th, the Zeus has the potential to be a leading contender in the 3D printer market. After all, even the creators of the MakerBot are introducing a 3D scanner in the near future, but why buy separate machines when you get an all-in-one device that's easier to use?


And even if the Zeus doesn't succeed in hitting the market, there's no doubt that someone will create a 3D fax machine printer. After all, getting 'spammed' with a local takeout menu is harder to ignore when it's tiny 3D models of every meal option. [AIO Robotics via Ubergizmo]