Panasonic may be aggressively pushing their $21,000 3D camera for broadcasters and indie film types, but already, smaller players are applying the laws of cheap manufacturing to 3D cams.


By DXG (if you've never heard of them, we don't blame you), this pistol-grip pocket cam shoots in dual-lens 3D. Its 3-inch display has been said to look "almost holographic," plus it comes with an extra 7-inch display for watching 3D content (I believe the screens use glassesless parallax barrier tech).

The video itself is recorded to motion JPEG, which while an accepted standard in 2D, probably won't be compatible with 3D systems into the future—plus there's no word on resolution. But hey, 3D, just like Avatar! Look for the 3D DXG camera this June. [DVICE via OhGizmo!]

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