Illustration for article titled This $6,000 Bullet-Proof Attaché Will Keep Your Documents Way Safer Than They Probably Need To Be

Say you've got some really important documents—like the meaning of life scrawled on a napkin, or a viable method of time travel in the margins of a newspaper—and someone really wants to shoot them for some reason, like a bunch of times, with a gun. You better hope they're in the Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attaché.


Pretty much everything about the case is over the top. Its body is made out of 65 layers of a polypropylene thermoplastic composite, it costs a whopping $5,995, and only 28 are being made. At least someone realized the demand probably isn't too high. As you might expect from an attaché that caters to the spy-minded, it also has a false bottom and a handcuff ring.

It also packs some more boring functionality. It has a spot for your iPad, and at 12 pounds, it would probably be good at fending off melee attackers. And, of course, it can be used as a shield. The best defense against bullets is not being shot at, but for everyone else a bulletproof attaché might help. Gotta keep all your precious crayon doodlings safe somehow, right? [Tumi via WSJ, bookofjoe]


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