This 92-Year-Old DVD Pirate Is a Total Badass

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Strictly speaking, bootlegging movies isn't right. Hyman Strachman knows this, and he does it anyway. According to the New York Times profile of the notorious pirate, he's shipped 300,000 ripped-off movies overseas to the troops—for free.


"Big Hy" is 92 and started bootlegging DVDs in 2004, shortly after his wife died and the American wars in the Middle East were just getting underway. According to the profile, he doesn't even know how to rip real DVDs because he uses bootlegged copies to make duplicates. He started out copying the flicks on his computer, but the operation got so popular amongst troops that he invested in a $400 duplicator to increase output. Big Hy is himself a World War II veteran and has sent more than 4000 boxes of DVDs to Iraq and Afghanistan covering all the expenses himself. That adds up to a personal cost of some $30,000.

Big Hy has always been careful to cover his tracks by getting rid of the evidence, and he's really only come out of the woodwork recently because his business is dwindling now that the American commitment to those wars has been scaled back. Say whatever you want about other pirates, but the movie industry and the feds would be crazy to go after this guy. He's a hero. [NYTimes]


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Why? Because....F^&$K You, I'm 92!!!!

The MPAA will (and I think is) going after him. I don't think he cares and I hope the MPAA loses more money and customers perusing their legal goals than they'll ever be able to extract from a 92-year old man on a fixed income and medicare.

Their PR probably won't be hurt, all that much, to the general public. The only people who care enough to support this man are people like you and me who have already boycotted the media industry. All the MPAA has to say as this, "We support our troops, but this man stole from us 300,000 times." PR disaster averted.

What would be a real disaster is if people start raising money for this 92 year old man's legal consequences. The whole point is that the MPAA is never going to get blood from a stone, but if people start throwing donations at this old man, than the MPAA is going to be there to take all of those donations.