This Airplane's Landing Was So Violent That It Bent Its Fuselage

Watch this landing of a Boeing 767 from All Nippon Airways. It's pretty rough, with the nose gear violently bouncing off the runway. Still, nothing too spectacular... until you see the consequences. Keep watching till the end, past the 0:33 mark.

The impact was so hard that the fuselage was bent before the wings. You can clearly see the aluminum skin crumpled by that twist in these two videos.

I've never seen this happen. Unlike its successor, the fully composite-made 787 Dreamliner, the Boeing 767 uses aluminum alloys. It also uses Kevlar fairings and access panels, plus carbon-fiber reinforced plastic composites on the wings.


The 767 is a very popular wide-body twin-engine airplane, still in production since 1979 in different variants. In fact, it became the most popular transatlantic plane in the 90s. [Thanks Jorge Mozo!]

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On November 5, 1959 Scott Crossfield piloted an X-15 on a test flight. An engine explosion forced an early landing. Some fuel was jettisoned but the airplane landed heavy and the impact broke it's back. It was repaired and eventually flew again.