This Amazing Optical Illusion Will Make You Hate Your Brain

Your mind is not playing tricks on you. These amazing animations were done on transparencies. A pair of images were printed on separate plastic sheets your high school math teacher used and one was slowly dragged over the other, resulting in crazy moving pictures, like PacMan eating bullets, or a cat running.


And you can do it yourself. The guy behind the amazing images—YouTube user brusspup—has made them available for download on the video page. And now you've fallen down a rabbit hole for the rest of the day. [BuzzFeed]



They're quite easy to make. It's a three frame repeat animation. The transparency is just black bars that are three times the thickness of the gaps between them. You can use the bar image as a filter layer for three animation frames. Just draw each frame normally, then use the bars to filter 1/3 of the first image, then move it to the side 1/3 and filter the second, then one more move and filter the third. Take all three filtered images and overlay them to make the staggered master image. Print the master on paper and the bars on a transparency sheet and voila! You can make more frames, but beyond 1/4 the animations become hard to see.