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This Apple iBook Has a Built-In iPad

Illustration for article titled This Apple iBook Has a Built-In iPad

Remember in Dark Knight when the Batmobile got all busted up and Bruce Wayne jettisoned spectacularly out of its wreckage riding the Batpod? That's kinda what this gutted iBook iPad dock is like.


The antique iBook was hollowed out to accommodate the iPad and a new Apple keyboard, connected to the tablet via the camera connection kit. Just getting your hands on one of those things is hard enough; putting it right to use in a wacky novelty iPad dock—not to be mistaken with the serious-business ClamCase laptop dock—shows some serious dedication.

Illustration for article titled This Apple iBook Has a Built-In iPad

The builder says the iBook can't be properly closed without scratching the iPad's screen, but whatever, do you think Bruce Wayne was ever worried about the Batpod getting scratched up as it was birthed, fully formed, from the Batmobile? Of course not.

Do keep in mind, though, that the whole reason the Batpod was so awesome was because of its surprise emergence from its Batmobile husk. What I'm getting at here is that you're gonna have to make sure all your friends see you using your old-school iBook a few times before you can yank out its iPad screen in your moment of gadget-stacking-doll glory. But it'll be totally worth it. [Apple Noir via Dvice via Unplggd]

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I don't care what anyone says, those are still the best designed laptops of all time. Well, minus the single speaker.