There's a reason ancient tea-drinking cultures made ornate cast-iron kettles: They're beautiful and functional, keeping brewed beverages at the right temperature for hours of soothing warmth. Copenhagen-based Norm Architects put this historic inspiration into the Thermo Kettle Jug to make a carafe that's both pretty and pragmatic.

With a spout the designers promise is 100-percent drip-free, the Thermo Kettle Jug will keep up to one liter of your favorite beverage warm for over six hours. The contents may be hot, but the style is cool and clean, perfectly at home in a sleek modern kitchen. $70 seem frivolous? The persnickety folks at the National Coffee Association U.S.A. say coffee must be consumed between 180 and 185 degrees F, making a carafe such as this a necessity for any true connoisseur. [Gessato via Cool Material]


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