This Artisanal Car-Powered Slip 'N Slide Looks Like Magnificent Fun

Huge, wacky Slip ‘n Slide projects appear around the world every summer. But this wooden creation built into the French countryside appears to be the first to use a beat up old Peugot to launch the rider halfway across a lake. It looks awesome.


A recently uploaded YouTube video shows the construction of the so-called “artisanal” water slide in Cantal, a mountainous region of southern France. Constructed alongside a quaint cottage, the resultant track curves up onto a ramp at the edge of the lake. The rider mounts a raft attached to a rope that’s attached to pulley, which is in turn attached to a front-wheel drive car, just to add some horsepower to the fun. Just try counting how many seconds the riders are in the air from the moment the leave the ramp until they splash into the lake.

The best part? There’s a fisherman on hand to hook the raft and bring it back to the (apparently drunk) kids having all the fun. Vive la France!



GIF by Andrew Liszewski

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