This Awesome 3DS App Adds Realtime Sci-Fi Movie Effects To Your Videos

If the games haven't convinced you to buy a Nintendo 3DS yet, maybe this app will—particularly if you have a penchant for classic sci-fi movie effects. Available March 27 in the 3Ds and DSi online shops, I am in the Movie lets you apply real-time filters to the handheld console's cameras recreating famous effects like Robocop's targeting system, or the predator's invisibility.

The app also lets you snap stills or record videos up to ten seconds in length with the filters, so if you've decided that Nintendo's handheld consoles are the best camera for your next movie, you don't need to worry about any expensive post production work. [YouTube via Tiny Cartridge]


takes a bit of time to focus on the target, its a wonder how robocop got all his shots off so quick...