This Beautiful Bike Is Made From Bent Beech Wood

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This bike, designed by Andy Martin for furniture manufacturer Thonet, is unlike any other we've ever seen. Save for its wheels and drivetrain, the whole thing is made from swooping lengths of steamed beech wood—and it looks just beautiful as a result.


The contours of the frame were cut using a CNC machine, and the joints are all—thankfully—reinforced by subtle spring rods, so it doesn't splinter at the first sign of your fat ass. As Martin explains:

"The challenge was to take on the fairly low tech process of steam bending and then apply it to a 21st century bicycle with highly complex engineering."

He seems to have managed fairly well. One of the nicest aspects of the design is just how much of the bike is made from wood—even the saddle is hand-crafted from a lump of beech. To keep things simple it doesn't come with brakes, just a pair of carbon fiber wheels and a single-speed drive train.

Unbelievably, you'll be able to actually buy one of these things through Andy Martin's studio site—if you're prepared to stump up an eye-watering $70,000. That's a lot for a bike, especially one you can't leave out in the rain. [Andy Martin via Design Boom]



Wow... Over the top and I doubt it's that functional as a bicycle.

If you want to take a look at a great "sustainable" bicycle, look at Bamboo Bike Studio:

$650 to build the frame. In their workshop. And they teach you how. So then you can build more bamboo bicycles.

And you can actually ride them. Hard.