This Beautiful Wooden Book Case Is the First iPhone 5 Accessory We Actually Want

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Mere minutes after the iPhone 5 was finally revealed to an upgrade-starved public, the case makers of the world started their barrage of pitches for new ways to protect the device. Most aren't worth a second glance, but damned if Miniot has created an absolutely stunning book-type case that both protects and enhances the beauty of Apple's latest handset.

Instead of cheap plastic or silicone, the Miniot Book is made from two types of hand-crafted wood and perfectly hugs three side of the iPhone 5. The fourth side is protected by a slotted wooden hinge that allows the case's cover to flip back around on itself for use as a stand, or a sun shade while snapping photos. Unfortunately the lack of cheap materials means the Miniot Book will set you back a hefty $143, nearly as much as what most will pay for their on-contract iPhone 5. But why would you want to wrap your device in anything but the very best?


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