This Brilliant Origami Couch Unfolds Into a Flat Rug

Well, this is awesome. California designer Yumi Yoshida has designed the perfect couch for those who just can't commit to giving up an entire chunk of their apartment to a sofa. Instead, her Origami Couch unfolds into a wide, thin floor mat in the blink of an eye.

Here's how it seems to work: The entire structure is made from a single sheet of nylon-entombed foam, which—just like paper origami—uses folds to create amazing compressive strength. In just four or five steps, the couch unfolds to reveal its neon orange interior lining—the perfect play mat.


It seems the RISD-educated designer created the couch a few years ago as a concept, but based on the photos posted to her website, this is a theory that could easily be put into practice. The only question is whether the average consumer would have enough patience to figure it out. [Dezeen]

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