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This Building's Not On Fire, But Does Need Your Help

Illustration for article titled This Buildings Not On Fire, But Does Need Your Help

In a run-down area of Vancouver, artist Isabelle Hayeur drew attention to the various issues plaguing abandoned buildings (such as homelessness, drug use and prostitution). She played 15 minute videos of fire, projecting them to the outside world. [DesignBoom]


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Andrew Pollack

To a firefighter, it only looks like a fire at first glance. More than a second or two and it is clear that it can't be a real fire. Real building fires don't behave that way at all. They have smoke, they don't start evenly on three floors at a time (unless it's arson) and they don't burn the floor but not the walls and roof. They also have heavy black smoke — enough to smother the fire if the windows weren't broken, and if they were broken the fire would be ripping out through them.