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This Bullet-Proof Briefcase Unfolds Into a Personal Shield

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A laptop bag can protect all of your electronics as you bump into other passengers on a crowded subway, or simply get caught in the rain. But the MTS Multi-Threat Shield briefcase goes much way further than that—it can also protect you from gunshots, knives, and even physical attacks when unfurled into a three-foot long shield.

You'll have to be OK with slinging a few extra pounds over your shoulder since the MTS weighs about eight pounds when empty. But it's able to absorb multiple impacts from handguns, shotguns, and pistol caliber sub-machine guns. It's even able to protect you from high-powered rifle attacks, although that requires the addition of optional armor plating which is going to add even more weight.


That extra protection and peace of mind doesn't come cheap, though. The MTS Multi-Threat Shield bag is a hefty $900. But if you work in a dangerous part of the world where the threat of attack is a genuine concern, this does seem like a less cumbersome alternative to wearing a bullet-proof vest, and is certainly cheaper than surrounding yourself in bodyguards.


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