This Calculator Unboxing Parody Is Hilarious

Unboxing videos are perhaps the biggest waste of YouTube storage to grace the planet: watch a pimple-faced youth take a phone out of a cardboard container and play with some basic functions! Woo. But here's one worth watching.


Put together by the guys at Numberphile, this calculator unboxing does a wonderful job of parodying the glut of videos that exist for smartphones and tablets. Stupid functionality tests! Insightful comments about cardboard boxes! Drop tests! All delivered by Matt Parker in hilarious deadpan style. Enjoy. [YouTube]



I don't think they are useless.
Sometimes OEMs will vary what will come in the box of a phone that is distributed worldwide (like how the North American HTC One X with Snapdragon S4 didn't come with headphones).

There are bigger waste of space on the internet, and sadly many of them made it on to Gizmodo.