This Clever App Turns Your Chromecast Into a Bootleg Wii

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Chromecast's new mirroring feature lets users pull up an Android phone screen onto a TV. And why would you want to put your little screen on your bigger screen? If game maker Rolocule has its way, to play Nintendo Wii-like games without bothering with a console.


Rolocule has introduced its Motion Tennis to the Googlesphere. The team's demo works on the Chromecast by using the new mirroring capability announced at Google I/O, and it plans to launch a public beta in the near future. A Chromecast dongle is considerably cheaper than a gaming console, so if Rolocule can fix the lag issue it has with the demo, this could be a very affordable way to play gesture-based games.

Motion Tennis is already available for Apple fans, since you can use Apple TV and iPhone mirroring to set up the phone-gesturing gaming situations. It will also work with Miracast.


But this is the first time it's been proven that the same sort of system will work for Chromecast, and it stands to ruin some console makers' afternoons. If other game makers follow in Rolecule's footsteps, this could become a mainstream alternative to Wii-like motion controls, though in fairness the Wii is preeetty old at this point. Rolecule has already prepared a second game for Apple, and if I was betting blogger, I'd bet that they're planning to release that same game for Chromecast eventually. [Engadget]

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MAKE2 Mifune

Wildly swinging around a $600 phone like a tennis racquet? I'll pass.