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This Concrete Media Console Is Real Heavy, Man

Illustration for article titled This Concrete Media Console Is Real Heavy, Man

Brainchild of German designer Rafael Cichy, this ultra-modern media console made of molded concrete isn't quite born to rock, but it's not far off.


Called Thorax, it's a customizable system made of spaced-out segments of concrete. Each section is 3 inches wide and made of concrete 2 inches thick. They come in different cross sections—O-, E- or C-shaped—and can accordingly be used for different functions. For instance, the E sections provide three storage levels, while the C-section can be used to home taller equipment.

Cleverly, the inter-connectors also come in different lengths, so that it's possible to make the structure curved by making connectors on one side longer than the other. Cichy explains:

Born out of the claim of offering fine consumer electronics a sound, vibration, yet elegant platform combines the thorax lowboard a modular installation concept with the highest design standards.

The three different elements in the basic forms of O, E and C can be combined individually and build open a variety of possibilities. Whether six, ten or 15 members - easily the radial arrangement together with airy spaces raises the concrete from its conventional context and creates an intricate whole.


The linking system can also be used to conceal cables, to make the look as minimalist as possible. If you need more concrete in your pad, a basic set-up costs in the region of $500. [Kompatibel Design via Core 77]

Illustration for article titled This Concrete Media Console Is Real Heavy, Man

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Meh. Look what I can do with the concrete. It's AMAZING!