Biking is great. So great! But if you're wearing a bag across your back, you are going to get sweaty, because you're human and we're all pretty gross. If you're not ready to commit to installing a rack to carry your stuff, this Barrel Bag from our outdoorsy pals at Alite will be a cool fix when you're on the road.

In addition to the sizable main pouch, it's got a couple of zippered pockets up front for easy access. Now, it seems like it might make you a little front-heavy depending on what you've stashed in your sac up there, but apparently it comfortably fits a whole 12-pack of Tecate—so the Alite gang clearly put this thing through all the important research and development.

Would it make it weird to steer? I'd want to test it with a six pack first. Nab one here for $50. [Alite]