This Crazy Map Has One Dot for Every Person in the United States

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The amount of people in the whole world is pretty wildly unfathomable. For that matter, even a subset like just the 300,000,000 or so that live in the United States can be hard to wrap your head around. This interactive map by Brandon M-Anderson helps by showing one dot for each of them. It's pretty wild.

All the information for the map comes from the 2010 Census data which—among other things—seems to have reported several people living in Central Park and other weird places. It definitely makes for a cool visualization of numbers so huge as to be generally unimaginable, and it's also neat to see the crazy differences in population density. You can go explore the whole interactive, zoomable map over at its website and see if you can pick out that dot that's standing in for you. Good luck. [Brian Martin-Anderson via Boing Boing]