This Defective Nintendo Toy Just Sold For $25,000

It's no surprise that rare toys can go for big money, but it's all the more surprising when it's a defective one that brings in the big bucks - especially from such a recently released toy like this Princess Peach Amiibo, which recently sold on eBay for just over twenty-five grand.

For those unaware, Nintendo recently launched a line of little figurines called Amiibo - similar to toys like Skylanders or Disney Infinity, they're figures of popular Nintendo characters designed to be used with video games that can 'scan' the physical figure in through an RFID chip, that then registers an action in the game. They retail for around $13 each usually, but eBay user usmik_72rcplxb certainly got a lot more than that when they put their defective Princess Peach Amiibo up for sale. Can't see what's wrong with her? This is what Peach is meant to look like:


Peach is missing her legs!

Despite the fact your'e getting slightly less Amiibo than you should though, that's what's made the defective toy all the more desirable - factory sealed as it is, it's one of a kind. And with Amiibo's currently benefiting from a wave of excitement (a defective Samus Aran with 2 arm cannons recently sold for $2,500 on eBay), a bidding war escalated over the toy until the auction ended, hitting $25,100.

It looks like people are getting more than a little silly in their bid to get their hands on Nintendo's latest toys.


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