This delightful video of traveling to Japan is just so much fun to watch

Francisco Fuentes’ amazing visual diary of his trip to Japan is so awesomely captured and so well edited and so fun to watch that it makes me want to take a trip there immediately. It’s because every video in the series (there are 12 15-second videos) basically acts as a teaser for his time in that wonderful country.


You get to see the food (oh the food), the drinking, the weirdness, the culture, the people, the cities and so much but before you can process what’s happening and what you’re seeing, you’re already watching something else. Try to keep up! It’s fun.


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Umm... can someone please explain the swastika? I know it’s a good luck symbol used in other contexts, and this one is a mirror image of the Nazi one, but still... since Japan was part of the whole “Axis” thing in WW-II, isn’t this kind of in poor taste?