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A Desk Set That Makes Your Workspace Look Like Italy

Illustration for article titled A Desk Set That Makes Your Workspace Look Like Italy

Wait, did you just put your pencil in the Pantheon? And... are you using the Coliseum to hold erasers? You bet—because this lovely desk set is modelled on fine Italian monuments.


Designed by Andrea Rekalidis for BOZU, the five ceramic desk accessories are simplified interpretations of large-scale Italian architecture, scaled down to tidy your workspace. So, there's a Milan Cathedral pen holder, Mole Antonelliana magnetic paperclip holder, Colosseum storage tray, Leaning Tower of Pisa storage jar, and a Pantheon pencil sharpener.

They look lovely. "Functional, ironic and - despite being something linked to the past - are extremely contemporary," in Rekalidis' words. Pricing is yet to be announced. [BOZU via Design Boom]

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I like this. My wife would like this. But I have a feeling the price will be ridiculous. Also, I'd prefer the monuments to look more aged, since they are. All griping aside, I like the designer's though process and inspiration.