This DIY Graduation Cap Is a Brilliant Way to Show Mom How Smart You Got in College

Students across America are coming up on graduation season, and Dan Barkus wanted to be sure his family could spot him in the crowd. Naturally, a little tinkering was necessary.

His LED graduation cap displays full-color animated graphics. He can even text phrases to the hat and they’ll scroll across: “finally done” and “hi mom” is what he goes for in this demo. (We’re not sure if there’s a character limit, but might we suggest “Hey, does anyone else think this speech about joining the workforce and pursuing our dreams is a bit hackneyed?”)


Barkus posted a lengthy video explaining how he built this cap, but where hardware is concerned, the display runs on a Teensy 3.2 board equipped with a small bluetooth module.

Best of luck in your future endeavors, Dan. Just please remember not to throw your cap. No one wants to spend graduation night in the ER.

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