This Educational TV Show About A Space Station Academy Needs Your Help

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A new TV series wants to entertain kids with space-faring adventures while teaching them real scientific concepts—and it needs some crowdfunding help to get off the ground. You can also fund a reprint of the lost adventures of a golden age comics hero, a comic about the dismal future of immigration, and a short film about an android watching a father and son heal from a recent tragedy.


Illegal by Jeremy Whitley and Heather Nunnelly

Jeremy Whitley's comic Princeless is a must-read for anyone who loves princess stories, but wishes the Disney movies involved more adventuring princesses—and princesses of various races. Now Whitley has teamed up with Vacant creator Heather Nunnelly for his new comic, Illegal:

"Illegal" follows the story of Gianna Delrey, an undocumented immigrant living in the shadows of an enormous city. All citizens received a microchip that tracks their movements and stores the history of their lives. Anybody without a chip is an illegal. They can't be tracked, but if they're caught, they wind up in the deportation camps - where the wait to be deported has become so long that most people die just trying to survive.

Gianna has done her best to stay invisible, but things are about to change and Gianna will have to choose whether to fight or to keep running.

For a $10 pledge, Whitley is offering backers a digital copy of the first issue as well as Illegal wallpaper by Nunnelly.

Hello World - Post Production Funds


After the death of their wife and mother, a father and son try to heal, all the time observed by the household android. This nine-minute short film, written and directed by Olaf Blomerus, is mostly financed through a grant, but needs a little help with post-production costs. For a $15 pledge, the team is offering backers early access to the streaming film and an HD digital download later on.



Scienstars is a science fiction TV series about a pair of modern-day teenagers who secretly attend Scienstar Academy, a school for various species of students aboard a space station. But what separates this show from other science fiction shows is that it weaves real scientific concepts into its drama:

For example, in the pilot, the cadets use a gravity assist maneuver to escape a pursuing swarm of alien creatures. The gravity assist, or slingshot, is a great example of energy conversion and transfer, converting the gravitational potential energy of a planet into kinetic energy for a smaller object.


The pilot episode has already been shot and is currently in post-production. Want to help bring this educational science fiction series to life? For a $17 pledge, the Scienstars team is offering a download of the pilot script. For a $25 pledge, they're offering a download of the episode's soundtrack.

Brok Windsor - Lost WWII Comic Book Returns!


Last year, Hope Nicholson used Kickstarter to help bring the adventures of the long-lost Golden Age superheroine Nelvana of the Northern Lights back into print. Now she's doing the same with Brok Windsor, a 1940s hero created by Jon Stables:

Brok Windsor was a doctor who discovered a secret land called Chaqua hiding in the midst of the Canadian wilderness during a normal canoeing trip. Here he was infected by the island and grew to the size of a giant, matching the height of the residents, a futuristic aboriginal tribe cut off from the rest of society. He spent months in this land battling man-eating lions, giant rats, and more bizarre oddities with the aid of his new friend Torgon. He even found a girlfriend, the giantess Starra who returned with him to Canada after several adventures.


For a $10 pledge, Nicholson is offering backers a PDF of the collected adventures of Brok Windsor. For a $30 pledge, she's offering a hardcover copy of the book as well as the PDF.



I'd REALLY like to see more kids shows like the one above. Anything that increases scientific literacy in kids, especially if they find it inspiring enough to seriously consider becoming a scientist, is a win in my book.

Needless to say, I will be contributing to the crowd-funding for the show AND asking my friends, family and coworkers to do the same.