If, for you, Halloween is less about trying to score free candy, and more about terrifying every last adult and child that crosses your path, then a company called VFX Creates has the perfect prank for you. What looks like an empty (suspiciously blood-splattered) box breaks open to send a screaming, heart attack-inducing ghost head lunging at your victim.

Spotted by Brian Foreman of HaunTopic Radio at the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions trade show, the Banshee Box, designed and engineered by Doug Schaefer, is just about the easiest way to eliminate every last friend you have. Controlled by the wearer who can trigger the lunging head whenever they want, the Banshee Box is also a great way to alienate family members, which may or may not be a bad thing.

The prank doesnā€™t come cheap, however. At just shy of $1,500 it doesnā€™t fit into everyoneā€™s Halloween pranking budget, but itā€™s a far better investment than tiny Snickers bars if you really want to enjoy the holiday.


[VFX Creates via Facebook via Laughing Squid]