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This Epic Water Slide Makes You Forget Your Face Is Melting Off

Illustration for article titled This Epic Water Slide Makes You Forget Your Face Is Melting Off

Wherever you are on this hellspawn sauna our planet has become today, I guarantee that you'd rather be about halfway down the world's sickest, slickest water slide, toes pointed straight at the Mediterranean. Even worse: you could be there. Right now.


The slide is accessible to anyone with a room key at Città del Mar, an Italian hotel whose rooms top out at 137 euro and whose landscape architects should have their faces etched in stone for posterity. It's located just off of Sicily, on the Gulf of Castellammare, in case your travel agent hasn't found it yet. I'll meet you there tomorrow, on the second level pool, with an iced Limoncello and a deep sense of inner peace. [Città del Mar via LeeDeeAnnax483]

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"hellspawn sauna our planet has become"

Hellspawn sauna? I must live in the wrong area. We had one of the coolest, wettest springs I can remeber and went pretty much sans heatwaves last summer until the very end/beginning of autumn. Global warming actually seems to be cooling us off.

Wishing you cool thoughts from San Jose, CA where this weekend it might actually get as high as 80.