This Fake Lens Is Actually a Vacuum That Sucks Dust Out of Your DSLR

If there's one downside to a digital SLR that every photographer has to deal with—at least every photographer who doesn't just stick with their kit lens—it's dust getting inside the camera and on the sensor. Attempting to clean the inside of a DSLR often feels like performing delicate surgery, but this faux lens promises to make the process a lot easier by simply sucking out all the dirt like a vacuum.

The lens attaches to any Canon DSLR with an EF mount and actually interfaces with the camera itself, so you activate its built-in fan by simply pressing the shutter release. This has the added benefit of ensuring the camera's mirror is flipped up so that dust and debris can be removed from the sensor as well, so a long exposure time probably works best.

With a price tag of just $34 it makes cleaning a DSLR and removing those annoying spots from your photos a lot easier than having to dive in there with a special cleaning swab. But anyone who's ever cleaned a DSLR's sensor knows those dust specs aren't always willing to just easily pop off, so perhaps this lens vac might better serve as a useful addition to your cleaning regime, and not a complete replacement. [Nisshin Seiko via Xjrumo via The New Camera via PetaPixel]


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