This Floating Globe Tent Is a Cocoon for People

Want to sleep outside without having to lower yourself to sleeping on the ground? Lucky for you, there's an extravagantly complex and probably super expensive solution; The Cocoon Tree.

While the Cocoon Tree is essentially a sophisticated tent, it's a permanent fixture, so you only use it for "camping" so much as you are sleeping in a canvas treehouse. Then again, considering it's a 265 pound deal that's suspended by a series of ropes, with a frame constructed of 24 individual aluminum rods, it's not something you'd want put up and take down often. In fact, the folks at Cocoon Tree will install it for you, if you want. Inside the waterproof tarpaulin skin, the globe has a 7.8 foot wide circular bed and even a set up for fan air conditioning, so it's a pretty killer tent.


Afraid of heights? You can rig up your pod to float just slightly above the ground on a set of feet, or ever have it float out in the water, according to the product's official website. Now how much does all this coolness cost? They're a bit cagey on that, so assume if you have to ask, you can't afford it. Still, you can fantasize about your backyard resort in the trees, or just be glad you don't have that far to fall out of bed in your house. [Cocoon Tree via Designboom]

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