This Folding Origami Grill Has a Metal Mesh Hammock For Firewood

When you're cooking dinner in the woods, the last thing you want is to be responsible for burning down acres of trees down because you were careless with your campfire. A portable grill helps keep everything safely contained, and the folding Grillo even keeps your burning briquettes or kindling off the forest floor.


Thanks to a brilliantly-engineered grill that looks like something hijacked from a NASA satellite, the Grillo collapses like a beach umbrella so it's easy to carry and stow in a vehicle. And the hanging stainless steel mesh basket allows combustibles to burn even better since they get oxygen from underneath as well, while preventing embers from escaping and falling onto dry brush.

There's no word on when the Grillo will be available to the public as it's still in the pre-production phases where the design is being perfected. But there will certainly be a demand if and when you can buy one—particularly for the style-conscious camper. [Grillo via Notcot]

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