This Genius Tape Dispenser Is a Gaffer's Dream Come True

If you've ever had to set up for an event that required power, you'll know how much it sucks to tape down cords. You don't want anybody to trip and fall! But it's backbreaking, knee-grinding work to lay down gaffer tape. Thank God for innovation.

The GaffGun™ is a stupid simple invention that lays down gaffer tape in slick fashion and record time. It looks kind of like a line striper, but instead of spraying paint onto turf, it encases cords in gaffer tape. In a race, the GaffGun™ blows the old fashioned taping method away. The company says the GaffGun™ can tape down cords 96.6 percent faster. Now if only more innovative leaps could be that big.

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$200? yikes! I bet you could retrofit a $10 packing tape gun to something similar.