This Gorgeous Art Show Celebrates Our Favourite Space-Bound Heroes

I think it's safe to say we're all fans of sci-fi in a variety of forms around here - we love not just the majesty of space, but all the heroes who trek out into the black in pursuit of adventure. So what better way to celebrate them than with this beautiful gallery exhibition from the fine folks at Iam8bit?

Header Image Credit: The Song Of Silence, by Andrew Kolb.

Space Heroes: An Artistic Exploration honours pop cultural icons of Space both fictional and real, from across a variety of media like books, films and video games. The show is currently on display at Iam8Bit's Los Angeles gallery until this Sunday, February 8th - but you can also buy prints from the collection over on Iam8Bit's website. Here's a few of our favourites below to satiate your appetite first though:


Zapp Brannigan VS The Kill Bots, by Aled Lewis

Ellen, by Nan Lawson


Commander Shepard, by Sam Spina


USS Enterprise vs. Death Star, by Doaly

[via /Film]

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