This Gorgeous Carbon Fiber Sled Could Be Your Perfect Post-Frankenstorm Ride

If hurricane Sandy turns into a blizzard and dumps snow everywhere, the best way to get around Northeastern hills might be this lovely Snolo carbon fiber alpine sled. It's lightweight, it folds down for easy transport, and it looks like a Ferrari suited to six feet of snow.

Sure, with an estimated price of around $3,000 it's a little expensive. Especially if you just dropped a small fortune on emergency groceries. But with a steerable ski in the front and a design that lets you lean into corners, there's virtually no risk of wrapping this thing around a tree. Plus, with a sled made of carbon fiber, you won't be beat from hauling it back to the peak—and that's worth at least a few extra runs at the end of the day.


[Snolo Sleds via Cool Material]

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