This Guy Hacked Together a Glove That Makes Time Appear to Slow Down

We could all probably use a little more time in our days, whether it’s to get some extra work done, spend some quality time with the family, or in the case of YouTube’s MadGyver, to engineer and build a special glove that makes time actually appear to slow down and stop.

The glove, which genuinely looks like something a mad scientist would cook up, features an Arduino-controlled strobe light in the palm. Why the Arduino? The glove also features a motion sensor so the speed of the flashing strobe light can be controlled by the wearer simply rotating their hand left and right. When the speed of the flashing strobe light matches the speed of a moving object, like the blades of a fan, it appears to stop, creating the illusion that time has also been frozen.


The effect might be nothing more than an optical illusion, but if I had one of these to play with, I would probably waste quite a few hours with it, and be upset at its ability to seemingly make time fast-forward instead.

[YouTube via Hackaday]


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