This Guy Somehow Survived a Free Fall from a 4,000 Foot Cliff

This is pretty unbelievable. Richard Henriksen, a basejumper, fell off a steep rock cliff after his high bar collapsed yet he still somehow survived. Watch the video and wait until the very end, Henriksen and the whole setup both disappear and plunge to the ground.


Henriksen, a surgeon at his day job who's been base jumping for 20 years, was only inches away from the edge when the high bar collapsed. He said that because he hit with his legs, he survived. If he hit the edge with his head, it would've been all over. It's pretty amazing that Henriksen was able to get his bearings and launch the parachute. He says:

It was a strange moment after I got out the parachute. When I hear that rustling in the metal and chain, and that the rod passes a few feet away and flying to the ground seconds later

Good thing. Check out another video that shows how high Henriksen was here. It's truly unbelievable. [NRK via BuzzFeed]



My wife and I survived a 3500 mile free fall from NYC to England this past June. Luckily, we were surrounded by a winged aluminum tube. With snacks and movies.