Incredibly enough, this helicopter is not going down in flames

Illustration for article titled Incredibly enough, this helicopter is emnot/em going down in flames

This incredible photo by Nir Ben-Yosef aka xniran Israeli photographer who specializes in aviation and air-to-air photography and production—may look really scary. But fear not, because this AH-64A Apache is not going down in flames. It's just releasing flares to show off.


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Technically, it is going down in flames. The chopper is headed downward, its nose is well below a flat and level plane, and, it is wrapped in flame. Its going down, in flames, but under control by the pilot while down and flames can stop on demand by the pilot.

I have become one of the oh so perfect jerks that troll the comments section!

Okay, new years resolution, don’t become one of those...