Short film: The nightmare of living with a crappy roommate

Director Alexander Engel sent us his short This Is It—a 3-minute look into the daily life of roommates with a dialog entirely constructed with questions. It is funny because this is really it, this is exactly how it is. My advice: Don't live with a roommate. Try to avoid it at all costs because all roommates suck at the end.


Including you.

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Honestly my current roommate is great. Clean enough. Quiet. Pays bills before I ask. Doesn't bring the party home. Nice. Probably the best roommate I've ever had.

My last roommate not so much. He was a forgetful stoner that left everything open/on. Lights, TV, cupboards, fridge door, sliding door, front door, stove, oven, sink. I have never met somebody who seriously couldn't EVER close a freaking cupboard or who could leave the fridge open so many times. We have a tiny kitchen and you have to walk back in front of the open fridge to go anywhere else and the door sticks into the living room. It was honestly amazing. He also played electric guitar with an amp. I learned that one the first day he moved in. Honestly, I could live with music, but he only seemed to every play amped guitar at 10 at night or 7 am on Saturday after coming home at 2:30 and crashing through the front door. (and btw, that's not a bash on stoners. I have had more stoner roommates than not and I couldn't care less if you smoke. Just don't be a stereotype).