This Immersion Blender Is Your Chunky-Then-Smooth Deal of the Day

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While there are a plethora of almost-pointless, single use kitchen gadgets that would make Alton Brown shudder, the humble immersion blender is not one of them. It's genuinely useful. There are a lot of dishes that need to have a consistent texture — like soups, hummus, and salad dressings — that don't totally work in a conventional blender or food processor. So if you want to make, for instance, whipped cream (or meringue!) without whisking your forearms sore, you need an immersion blender.

Right now, Newegg's selling a nice hand blender — the DeLonghi DHB719 — for the same price as a lot of el cheapo hand blenders. The cool thing about the DHB719 is that's it's relatively powerful at 380 watts and it also comes with a couple of handy attachments, such as a whisk. Another cool aspect is that it's only $30 at Newegg today with the code EMCXTWV34, which is half off the list price and a solid $25 less than Amazon. [Newegg]


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DeLonghi DHB719 Immersion Blender ($30) | Newegg via Ben's Bargains | Originally $60 | Use coupon code EMCXTWV34

That Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Price Cut Wasn't Surprising

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Earlier today Amazon announced that the price for the WiFi enabled big Kindle Fire HD would be cut from $299 to $269, which seems pretty cool. But if you've been tracking the price of the Kindle Fire 8.9, you weren't surprised. In fact, in this tablet's short four-month lifespan, it has seen four major promotional price cuts — often to the $269 price point, but sometimes all the way down to $250 — including spending basically half of February at $269. So yes: it is cheaper than it was yesterday, but no, this isn't a screaming deal. [Amazon]



8GB Samsung SDHC Card ($5) | Newegg via Reddit
Lenovo Multimedia Remote ($21) | Lenovo via Dealzon | Originally $50 | Use coupon code USP1MA431503
Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard ($39) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $60



Scotch Shears ($5.77) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $14
Taylor Chrome and Glass Digital Scale ($18) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $25
DeLonghi DHB719 Immersion Blender ($30) | Newegg via Ben's Bargains | Originally $60 | Use coupon code EMCXTWV34
Lego Minecraft Set ($35) | Amazon | Originally $35 | Not a deal but often hard to find
Motorola Surfboard SB5101U Cable Modem ($47) | Amazon via Tech Deal Digger | Originally $60 | A solid way to stop paying cable modem fees
Arduino Starter Kit ($55) | Sainsmart via Reddit | Originally $70
Songo Dreamwave Chair ($6100) | Skymall via Fatwallet | Originally $8000 | Use coupon code FAT17





CAD SuperCardoid Mic ($30) | Musician's Friend | Originally $60
Audio-Technica ATH-A900 ($165) | Buydig | Originally $200 | Use coupon code DIG5



Faster Than Light ($4) | Steam via Reddit | Originally $20
Battlestations: Pacific ($5) | Gamefly via Reddit | Originally $20
Grand Theft Auto Xbox Live ($10) | Marketplace.Xbox.Com via Reddit | Originally $20
Football Manager 2013 ($20) | Get Games Go via Reddit | Originally $40
Sleeping Dogs Xbox Live Sale ($20) | Marketplace.Xbox.Com via Reddit | Originally $30
Star Wars: Old Republic Razer Gaming Headset ($60) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $122


Physical Media

The Boondocks Season 1 ($10) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $18
Woody Allen Gold Box Sale | Amazon



Amazon's Belt Sale ($20) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $25 | Most of these belts are kind of crappy, IMO, but they do have Carhartt and Levi's
$10 off $50 at JC Penney ($40) | JC Penney via Reddit | Originally $50
30% Off J. Crew Factory | J. Crew Factory via Reddit | J. Crew Factory often raises prices when offering a discount code, today it's STYLESCORE
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Sale | Brooks Brothers via Reddit


Dumb TV → Smart TV



Nothing notable today.


Hey! A desktop deal!

Dell Vostro Mini Tower with Core i7, Radeon HD7570 ($650) | Dell Small Business via Dealzon | Originally $900 | Use coupon code W9D06J14FX10WM



Refurb 16GB Nexus 7 ($170) | Newegg via Slickdeals | Originally $200


20" IPS HP Monitor (1600x900) ($80) | Staples via Reddit | Originally $100




Sunpak Aluminum Tripod ($25) | Adorama | Originally $45
Canon Powershot S110 ($330) | Amazon via Cameraaholic | Originally $400


Bare Drives

3TB WD Red Bare Drive ($140) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $155




Rarely Cloudy ($1) | iTunes via Best App Sales | Originally $2
iKorg Ikaossilator ($10) | iTunes via Best App Sales | Originally $20


iPad Only

Korg iElectribe ($10) | iTunes | Originally $20
Korg iElectribe Gorillaz Edition ($10) | iTunes | Originally $20
Korg iPolysix ($15) | iTunes | Originally $30
Korg iMS-20 ($15) | iTunes| | Originally $30





Free Pens ($0) | Amsterdam Printing via Reddit | Originally $1
Free Energy Drink Sample ($0) | Spark via Reddit | Originally $1


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My friend had to get the top third (knuckle to tip) of her index finger re-attached at Christmas due to one of those "hand" blenders (insert joke here). I will stay away from today's deal.