This Incubator Humanizes The Hospital

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Childbirth, though wonderful, can also be quite traumatic. That can be particularly true for the parents of premature infants, who often spend several weeks in a neonatal ICU while their children rest in incubators that, while life-saving are typically very impersonal, and serve as de-facto barriers between parent and child. The BabyBloom Incubator aims to change that experience. It's a super-innovative solution to a host of problems.

BabyBloom is designed to let mothers be in close contact with their premature babies—it slides over a hospital bed so a new mom can remain next to her baby even while its in an incubator. It has an extra-large viewing plane and rubberless doors, and three points of entry so new moms can get up close and personal, even when both are confined to bed.

Also, because it's height adjustable, hospital staff can work with it while seated or standing—in basically any positon other than bent-over. Which means a lot less strain on the back. And then there's the interior experience. At less than 40 decibels, it claims to have a library noise level. And because the top can swing down over it, it blocks out both light and noise. Meanwhile the whole thing is controlled by a touch screen interface, and the incubators themselves come in a variety of eye-appealing candy colors.


Hospitals can be such cold, impersonal places and yet they are where we often spend some of the most intimate moments of our lives. I love stuff like this. I love seeing companies tackle problems to humanize the technology we use. [BabyBloom Healthcare via Give Design a Chance]