This Industrial Strength Trimmer Shaves Perfect Dutch Greens

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If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now. It's just a spring clean for the May queen. Either that or it's the Globus machine trimmer working its way down the line.

Built by Dutch agriculturist Gebroeders Ezendam B.V., the Globus is designed to work in plant nurseries maintaining individual hedges' shapes until they reach maturity, are dug up, and shipped to you local home improvement center. The Globus consists of a tractor- (or man-) towed, wheeled platform that accommodates a series of modular shrub shaving implements—offset bar trimmers to create cones and horseshoe-shaped trimmers for making orbs. A 5.5 HP Honda gas engine drives a hydraulic pump which in turn drives the trimmers themselves and can shave up to 600 shrubs per hour.

Larger versions of the Globus are not only capable of tearing through as many as 5,000 evergreens per hour, they require neither tractors nor human oversight, as they are both self propelled and GPS-enabled. Farm hands simply input which field and row the machine should start on.


Both models will shave shrubs up to 90 cm tall but no word on whether they work with the Netherland's more famous (sought after?) kind of grass.

[Ezendam - Hello Trade - Motherboard]

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