This Insane Gremlins Poster Has 84 Different References On It—Can You Guess Them All?

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When Randall picked up Gizmo from the antique store in Gremlins, obviously the Mogwai was the standout selection. That may not be the case, however, for this Gremlins poster, which turns that store into a pop culture cornucopia.

The poster is by artist Kevin M. Wilson, who goes by “Ape Meets Girl” so as to not get buried if you ever Google his name. It was released by the Hero Complex Gallery at New York Comic Con and has, unfortunately, sold out. We even featured it briefly. But the more you look at this poster, the more secrets are revealed. In fact there are 84 different references hidden all over the poster. How many can you figure out? Click on the image to make it bigger.


And here’s the variant, which has the same stuff but just in a different color.


Now, I wouldn’t just leave it like that. Wilson posted a key to the whole piece on his Facebook page and now you can double check your work. But don’t cheat. Actually try first!


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