This Is a 3D Computer Animation of 4D Shapes From 1965

Computer animation may be a lot better than it used to be, but it's been around for quite a while. This is an example of one of the older bits, dating way back to 1965, and it features some 4D shapes. Oh, and it's also in 3D. Just cross your eyes.


Most of the work done to make this quick little video was done on a IBM 7094 by A. Michael Noll, who whipped that second 4D trick back out for Bell Lab's Incredible Machines. Sure, the cross -your-eyes for 3D gimmick is a bit primitive, but it doesn't require any kind of extra gadgetry. And, lets face it, it's only marginally less obnoxious than the stuff we've got now. [YouTube]

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You would be unbelievably amazed at the crazy-ass shit engineers did with computers and electronics in the 60s.

Take the plane I work on, for instance - the E-2C Hawkeye (yes, that's where my username is from). Its radar receiver does high-bandwidth, real-time FFTs, and it was built in the early 60s. And that's just a tiny part of what it can do. It's just stunning.